Daylight - off - all doors closed
Daylight - off - some doors opened
Daylight - on - all doors closed
Night - on - some doors opened

It’s a coffee table with multiple spaces for stuff, such as remote control for tv, books eyeglasses, glasses, a bottle, ecc..and it’s a soft light. It has something to do with “automan” when lights are on and doors are open.
it’s made with “just” two plexiglass planes, one white an one transparent (including hinges).
There is almost no glue, since every piece slips in like a puzzle, locking the previous one. the upper-center is a sliding sealed container, you can fill it with water (for flowers) or ice (for bottle). The inspiration comes from another cube i saw many iears ago, (“amazing fantastic furniture”) but it was clear that it’s just a mockup/demo project, so i was wondering if i can do something similar.
I hope you like it.
(i will check Yes to the next question because i’ve made a website for it, but NO OTHER DESIGN BLOG has already published it. – night+closed photo is exclusive for you.)