Use as many colors at any combination you would like to display your unique style. Above LUMBIENT as an LGBT pride light in red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple
LUMBIENT in a close-up on the translucent, light-weight & recyclable polypropylene leafs
LUMBIENT in a close-up on the translucent, light-weight & recyclable polypropylene leafs
LUMBIENT as a living room ceiling pendant  light, here in red & yellow
LUMBIENT can fit any home, any room and any occasion. Here LUMBIENT as a kitchen pendant lamp
LUMBIENT ceiling light hangs in a children’s room with blue and pink leafs. LUMBIENT’s color richness and quick leaf replacement makes it easy to fit any room and any event
LUMBIENT has endless design combinations. Even two LUMBIENT lights with the same color but different leaf setups will look totally different
LUMBIENT as a bedroom ceiling light. Here in blue and red creating a unique ambiance
The LUMBIENT application shows the outcome of your personalization. Available on tablet, smart phone and MAC or PC
LUMBIENT lighting up a working niche. Use as many or as less leafs to chamge an ambience of any room

LUMBIENT is a pendant light with a design you can personalize. LUMBIENT’s design flexibility, which goes hand in hand with current global trends, is enabled by a shade that is made out of 72 separate light diffusers that come in different sizes and colors. This diversity lets people quickly and easily fit LUMBIENT to any room or occasion.

LUMBIENT’s shades, called leafs, are made of translucent polypropylene, which softens light intensity and creates colorful light effect depending on the leafs used. Polypropylene is light weight, recyclable and so environmentally safe it is used in food containers. LUMBIENT’s body is made of 8 arms, called ‘branches’. The branches’ design is inspired by traditional barn light pendants and and is available in birch wood, transparent polycarbonate (acrylic) or anodized aluminum.

As an added value, the personalized LUMBIENT design experience is enhanced by the LUMBIENT app (http://www.lumbientlamp.com/lumbientapp/lumbientapp.html), available on tany device with a browser. The LUMBIENT app displays a preview of selected size, color and position of LUMBIENT’s leafs for all possible design combinations.

LUMBIENT is environmentally friendly: it comes disassembled in a small flat pack for a simpler shipment and uses only biodegradable or recyclable materials. No screws, bolts or glue are needed to put LUMBIENT lumbient. This makes it easy to assemble LUMBIENT but also easy to disassemble and recycle when reaching the product’s end-of-life.