Noribachi is an unusual start-up based out of LA that designs smart energy products intended to refine the world of illumination. We just launched a new product that we’re very excited about and thought you might be interested.

One of Noribachi’s core values is our undaunted commitment to the exploration of the potential of lighting technology and design, coupled with a demand for aesthetic integrity. Se we crafted LUMENOGRAPHI, a unique piece that resides somewhere between an architectural accent light and an illuminated art installation.

LED lifetimes are impressive enough (tending towards 20+ years) that we’ve begun to explore the idea of a lighting product that no longer necessitates a design that must accommodate a periodic decoupling of the light source from the light fixture. LUMENOGRAPHI permanently and seamlessly imbeds LED tube lighting within a fabric covered panel, resulting in a light that demands contemplation. Freed from traditional design constraints, lighting is open to limitless reimagination.

We’re challenging complacent stereotypes of slow-to-trend manufacturing companies by having an unquenchable soul that needs the new and seeks the dissimilar. LUMENOGRAPHI captures this philosophy in a modular square that is itself a crossover between technological prowess, minimalist style, and refined illumination.

It is our hope that you get as excited as we are about LUMENOGRAPHI and thank you in advance for taking the time to meet and hopefully profile Noribachi’s newest lighting endeavor.