I would like to introduce the new design studio más which designs and produces product and furniture. Word “más” means “plus”. We are inspired by the connections between human, objects used by human, and spaces where human and objects coexist. Through this inspiration, we pursue to add the new relationship between human, objects and space to life with our words. After 3 of designers graduated in product / industrial design at Central Saint Martins and Northumbria University in the UK, we opened design studio más based on Seoul.

And also, we would like to share our first project with you. Recently, we launched ‘LUNARBOX’ project for cats a few days ago. To explain quickly about motivation for the project, there is lots of standardised cat furniture, especially cat tree/cat tower and pet house, in the current market without consideration to the interior design. This project began with the question which is “Could furniture for a cat be a design object itself which makes harmony within the home?”. It was our design starting point, and we finally designed a new type of pet furniture “LUNARBOX” for cats.

Based on the behaviour of cats which most cats feel stability by entering certain places, LUNARBOX design was inspired by the shape of a box. And also, we designed it to have a rich dimensional formative beauty by keeping the balance between the straight line from the square and the curved line of circle. The main point for LUNARBOX is that it can be a new type of ‘PLAYGROUND’ for cats by building up LUNARBOX freely whatever users want. This is not limited to 2D, but it can produce three-dimensional formative beauty. When build up in two-dimensional or three-dimensional, it has a completely different formative beauty. This type of LUNARBOX can be an alternative to the current standardized cat tree.

In terms of how to use the product, we designed special coated strong neodium magnetic with PVC material. The neodium magnetic force holds the products up and down, and friction of coating on the surface of magnetic holds the products stronger. It is safe and easy to build up LUNABOX by placing special coated strong magnetics on each corner of steel part between the products.


Three-dimensional formative beauty

Two-dimensional formative beauty

Basic Set

One-storied layer

special coated strong neodium magnetic

Be strong enough