Lung is a new piece by Han Koning. Fitting with his other work, consisting of lighting solutions and autonomous interior objects for home and office, Lung grew out of a fascination for materials and human interaction with the objects surrounding us.

Han says: ‘Some time ago I made an object out of a piece of nylon fabric and a computer fan I had kicking about. It was just another experiment, but over time, it slowly grew to be more than that. The fan drew air into the fabric, switched on and off by a timed relay. With every breath you could hear the wrinkling of the material. I wondered how long for the fabric would hold up, so I left it breathing. After it had been doing so non-stop for about a year, I thoughtlessly pulled the Lung’s plug because I needed the socket to plug in a tool or another. I forgot to plug it back in afterwards. After a while I noticed something had changed in the room. Then I figured what it was: my “experiment” had outgrown its status of just materials cobbled together. The object with its peculiar sounds and movements had become part of the room. I then plugged it in and the breathing resumed. This felt good.

Later I replaced the timed relay with a programmed chip and sensors. If you come closer to the Lung, the rhythm of its breath quickens. It’s scared if being touched. At night it falls asleep. Paradoxically, it still is no more than humble fabric and electronics, yet a living object at the same time. Super Artificial and Super Real coincide.’

Lung is made to order and each copy has its own character because it interacts with its environment. It is hand crafted out of high quality materials in The Development Room and shipped worldwide.