Luto smartlight aluminium casing
Luto smartlight ambient light source
Luto smartlight front-facing tasklight
Luto smartlight LightApp user interface

Luto is a monitor-mounted LED smartlight that helps to create the optimal lighting environment for screen use developed by Australian LED lighting company Brightgreen on Kickstarter. 

We’re aware that we are all spending increasingly more time at our computers in areas that aren’t ‘designed’ to be work spaces. Luto helps combat eye strain and fatigue that is caused by using screens in badly lit environments.

Luto’s front-facing LED task light provides high quality illumination directly onto your desk, while its back-facing LED panel creates the appropriate ambient lighting level around your screen to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Its embedded sensors detect the surrounding ambient lighting levels as well as the screen’s brightness, allowing it to adjust accordingly. 

It plugs into your computer via a USB port (although it does need mains power too) and comes with a control app that lets you choose the light’s colour temperature. If you’re doing a late-night work session to meet a deadline, set the Luto to cool to keep the brain active, or if you’re chilling out watching Netflix, switch to a warm, relaxing colour temperature.

Luto is the first project completed by the Brightgreen Ideahub, the area where we tackle small lighting issues that fall outside of our ‘day jobs’ in an effort to improve everyday life. You can find out more about the project and watch the pitch video here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brightgreen/luto-smartlight-illumination-for-screen-environmen

The project has only been self-published so far, and published on Kickstarter.