I wanted to share with you our new project: LVNATICUS, a calendar for people who live in the moon.

Every new moon one artist is invited to create a random artwork inspired by the moon. Beyond the idea of exploring an alternative way to perceive time and be more aware of the moon, the purpose of the project is to support a small house in Bogota which is about to close and is now taking care of more than 60 kids with severe brain injuries. You can read more about the story here http://www.lvnatic.us/purpose

We want to kindly ask you to share the project with the audience of MOCO LOCO (of course, only if you really like it).
In this link http://bit.ly/1ftmtdo you can find some related images and if you have any question or need further information or material, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for your time. Cheers from Barcelona.

Lucy, Andres