M 2.0-12 Collection
M 2.0-12 Collection
M 2.0-12 / Chair 0, 1 and 2

Spot Design is a small design studio headed by designer Dennis Meas. The last few years he worked for several designers, but last year he decides to start his own design studio. Now he is introducing his first project, the M2.0-12 collection.

M 2.0-12?
The Memphis group was a design movement from 1981-1987. This movement is known for its colorful furniture and playful patterns. Nowadays one of the most familiar patterns is the QR-code. This code is showing up all around us, but hardly any one really uses it. The M 2.012 chairs collection is inspired by the Memphis group, but combined with the influences of modern technology. The QR-code is used as a decorative pattern, engraved into powerful geometric shaped chairs.

The QR-code we used for this design is linked to the Spot Design Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spot-Design/275976935847450