The M Lamp — the world’s most innovative wireless task lamp — made its debut on Kickstarter Thursday, September 13. Designed by David Irwin for Brooklyn-based manufacturer Juniper, the M Lamp will feature for 35 days on the popular crowd funding website with the goal of raising $60,000 to fund final production costs. The Kickstarter launch will also coincide with the lamp’s physical debut at 100% Design London, September 19-23.

Powered by an internal Lithium iron phosphate battery, these simple yet beautiful tools for life and work can be wirelessly transported anywhere within the home, office and in between. The M. Lamp debuts Juniper’s collection of lighting and furniture in collaboration with emerging British designer David Irwin. The M Lamp, which stands at 230mm, projects up to 3,000 lux of warm light from its adjustable head. In its standard mode, its dimmable LED will emit 1,000 lux for more than 8 hours on a single charge, which is ample brightness for late-night work or for reading in bed. And in the case of a power outage, the M Lamp will automatically illuminate at full power, making it a useful companion in times of need. Environmentally friendly, the M Lamp’s LED is rated to last 50,000 hours, while its iron phosphate battery can safely run 2,000 charging cycles with no loss in performance, guaranteeing that you’ll enjoy the M Lamp for many years to come. Equally important, it can be entirely disassembled and almost completely recycled.

The M Lamp is made primarily of high-grade aluminum and metal components. It currently comes in three colors: Matte Black, Glossy White and Vibrant Orange. An M Lamp+ is available with a longer battery life and customized charging base. The M Lamp and M Lamp+ are expected to retail at $USD 220 and $USD 260 respectively. The M Lamp is engineered and manufactured in the USA.