There are 7 colours of the 100% wool cover, 7 colours of cover stitching and 7 colours of elastic
Each case is part cnced and handmade. The case from bamboo and cover from 100% wool felt
The case can be used in a number of different positions here as an A board
Or here for typing
headphone access is clear for all type of headphones
As to is access to the power button
And charging

Made in 7 case designed by Chris berry and Bryn jones
Part handcrafted and part cnced from bamboo and 100% wool felt. The made in 7 iPad cases offers the customer a chance to become part of the design team. This colorful new case is being launched through kickstarter right now.
The cases covers are available in 7 different colors for the customer to pick from. The customer is also in charge of which color stitching the cover comes with along with the color of elastic strap.
There are many different color combinations available to the user, from discreet and unassuming to bright and bold!
The made in 7 cases can take the iPad 2, 3 and 4. There also planning an iPad mini case and once released the iPad 5 case.
The case securely snaps in and out at all four corners. With the cover acting as a protective cushion to the iPad. The case can be stood as a a board, or flat for typing.
Each case is made in Sussex, England to order through there kickstarter campaign for a number of special one off prices (usual retail will be £89 after the kickstarter campaign)