1-OK CLUB is a representing and commissioning platform for designed objects. Alongside representing Australian design practice, 1-OK CLUB acts equally as a distributor for the designers. With the intention to create a new dialogue surrounding commercial Australian design practice, this platform diversifies current practices through the encouragement and enablement of design experimentation.

While commercial design practice necessarily centres on profitable viability, expansion and often mass-production, this tendency limits the creativity in the process of production. 1-OK CLUB bypasses the need for the demand-and-supply relationship inherent in the commercial market, and represents pre-existing designed objects and specially commissioned works that are offered exclusively in limited numbers. Understanding objects first as a progenitor for education and experience, 1-OK CLUB combines the aesthetic, conceptual and marketable perspectives of creative production, producing a nuanced perspective on the cultural industry.

The platform was initiated in 2015 with the intention to create a diverse community of designers within which experimental production could thrive. The work presented in 1-OK CLUB represents otherwise unachievable design potentials and fortifies the Australian design community outside of the purpose for commercial gain. While the purchase of the designed objects is not the axis of this platform, it nonetheless allows for design collectors and appreciators to learn intimately of the product and designer.

1-OK CLUB was initiated by two Melbourne-based designers after experiencing the lack of representation for objects produced outside of commercial practice. After practicing in both commercial and creative fields for several years, the designers sought the need to democratically represent designed outcomes. In accordance, 1-OK CLUB represents designers at varying stages of their careers.


Ad Hoc - Scold's Bridle

Andre Hnatojko - Canyon RGB

Dale Hardiman & Ash Allen - Factory Works

1-OK CLUB - Editorial

1-OK CLUB - Editorial


Jonathan Ben-Tovim - Off-piste Bench

Ross Gardam - Aurora