Mailable Christmas-Tree-in-a-Box
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How it works
Foil Stickers

It’s a balloon. It’s a greeting card. It’s both in one unique package. It is a thin, lightweight package that inflates into a full size foil balloon. The design considers that the only way to send balloons through the mail is either inflated in a big box or deflated which then needs to be taken to a party store to be filled.

Our package design makes receiving a balloon greeting card an interactive and fun experience. In this version, which we are trying to get funded on Kickstarter, we have a miniature Christmas tree shaped balloon that comes in a package only slightly bigger than a standard envelope and inflates to just under two feet tall. Included are a set of stickers that one can then use to decorate their tree.

We realize it is a bit too early to think about Christmas, but in order to meet deadline productions for the holiday season, we need to start now. Please take a look and if you find it interesting, please consider posting it to your blog.

Here is our Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/302774968/the-christmas-tree-in-a-box


Tien Pham
Art Director, AirOhMail Greetings AB