The Mailmen™


I’m the entrepreneur from MIT who created Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away. I’ve just launched my new startup, Toymail Co. With Toymail, messages can now be sent to kids through their toys. You simply record a message using our app from anywhere in the world, and the Mailmen™ (our toy messengers, see attached) will speak them back in their own funny voice (or yours). And, kids can reply right from their toys too. So whether you’re a mom at work, a dad in the checkout line, a friend down the street, or a grandma an ocean away, you can stay connected to the kids you love.

We will be shipping in time for the holidays, too! We’re launching our pre-order this Thursday morning, 11/14. Would you be able to write a story to go live that morning?

Let me know if you’d like a sample too.


Gauri Nanda | Co-Founder |Toymail Co. | www.toymailco.com | @toymailco | We send mail to toys.