MAIZY collection
MAIZY FM radio / MP3 amplifier, rechargeable on USB
MAIZY Solar+battery desktop calculator, MAIZY Solar pocket calculator
MAIZY Solar+battery LCD alarm clock
MAIZY Solar+battery analogue alarm clock
MAIZY Pocket LED light, rechargeable on USB
MAIZY desktop calculator - mokeup

In early 2011 we were invited by Lexon to design a new family of ecological items.
The idea of using the PLA (corn plastic) was established in collaboration with Lexon.
The company had already tested this material on other products and appreciates the mechanical quality and aesthetic. We immediately embraced the idea of experimenting this plastic. In addition to being more eco-friendly than a “traditional” plastic, it presents an extraordinary visual and tactile qualities.
From this premise was born Maizy, a collection of objects made of PLA, powered by photovoltaic cells and rechargeable batteries.
The concept is to create a family of simple objects with basic technologies, where the matter has a big importance.
The purity of the shape expresses its vocation, inviting to go beyond the form, to find out the beauty of the matter.