The Mal-de-Mer is a light installation made for Rotterdam pop-up bar Avenue. It measures 60 cm x 300 cm and is made out of two sheets of transparent acrylic. Inspired by the luminous signboards in Thailand asking you to come in and have a cocktail, we used special markers to make a pattern that, after you had that cocktail, you probably feel a little seasick if you look at it.

It has two sides with different colors and is illuminated by LED.

Ward van Gemert and Adriaan van der Ploeg founded NIGHTSHOP in 2010. Based in Rotterdam (NL), NIGHTSHOP tries to create surprising products with a reference to everyday life. Apart from that, NIGHTSHOP is also keen on investigating the boundaries between good and bad taste.


Mal-de-Mer by night - pink side

Mal-de-Mer by night - yellow side

Mal-de-Mer detail - pink side

Mal-de-Mer detail - yellow side

Mal-de-Mer by day - pink side

Mal-de-Mer by day - yellow side