Final Product
The MDF Prototype
Elons director rests in the MDF prototype

Elon is a new design furniture company from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that was looking for a striking new product for introducing it´s brand on the market. Designer Eduardo Baroni was called to design some products and he wanted to use the company´s expertise in Laquer painting and the CNC machine they had to try something they were not used to.
Elon was born from a small company wich expertise and machinery was directed primaly for cabinet making but to show the new brand for it´s potencial clients, Eduardo Baroni proposed something more organic.
The designer started from ergonomic studies from relaxed postures of human body and then he started modeling the armchair shell. From a final 3D model he sliced it to compose the final product.
Although the precision of the cnc machine was necessary for production it´s the meticolously made laquer finish that really brought the chair to life.
Made from several laminated wood slices the Mamulengo chair offer much more then relax. It´s a treat for our eyes.