1- Echo, proximity light  By pouring water into the lower container of the object, the lamp slowly lights up and gains in intensity proportionately to the volume filled. The decanting allows the luminous intensity to decrease.
2- Halo, desk lamp  Five wooden weights are placed at the base of the light. By slipping the first weight along the copper rod to the lampshade, the lamp dimly lights up. The point is to add as many weights as necessary to reach the requested luminosity.
3- Oscillo, wall light  When the pendulum is gently swayed, a soft halo appears which intensifies according to the amplitude of the gesture. In the opposite direction, the same gesture allows the light to decrease until it goes off.

“Manipulating light” is a group of interactive lamps inviting a sensitive handling of light. The motions connected with each object confer materiality and sensitivity to the act of lighting up. The sensitive and responsive impact of on / off buttons is rather poor and exclusively mechanical. Here the point is to redefine the use through the gesture in order to access a privileged object-user interaction.