circus door pull
oscar door pull
elle door pull
zed door pull

Keeping it simple….Opening a door is something that we do hundreds of times per day. Yet the frequency of the action does not diminish its importance…Great care is given to front door handles because they define one’s first contact with a building…makeWorkshop designs re-introduce marble as a material that can offer a unique feel to this everyday action…

Marble is a material that has been in use for thousands of years, it is a favorite material for artists and architects alike. In the past decades however, it has been used by architects only as a cladding material . Yet marbles’ quality lies in the gentleness of its curves, its cool reassuring feel, its inescapable yet glorious aging. With this series of marble door pulls we attempt to enhance the simple everyday experience of opening a door using the luscious feel of marble shedding elaborate designs…