Marimekko Valoisa Large Table Lamp
Marimekko Valoisa Small Table Lamp
Marimekko Valoisa Table Lamp in the Home

An evolution of his 2011 Loistava candlestick design, the Marimekko Valoisa Large Table Lamp is designer Harri Koskinen’s natural transition from fire to electricity. Calling it a “universal light source for many spaces and purposes”, Koskinen creates a minimal yet interesting light fixture made from two, blown glass domes. The bottom clear and the top a white opal color, the two-piece lamp is easy to open and close in order to change the light bulb in the fixed holder on the bottom dome. Part of a lighting collection called “It is the darkness that shows the light,” the Marimekko Valoisa Large Table Lamp will give a bedroom, living room or any space soft and beautiful illumination.