This pendant, 100% handmade in my studio in Barcelona, was inspired by the technique of trencadis of Antoni Gaudi.
Jewelry. Was inspired by the Symbol of the Route of Modernism in Barcelona.
Marquetry & Jewelry
Adjustable ring with Wood inlay and silver.
OOAK Wood Inlay Art Work "In the Garden".
OOAK Wood Inlay Art Work "Telephone"
Wood Inlay Art Work. Marquetry. Love & Live.
Wood Inlay Art Work. Marquetry.
OOAK Textured Silver & Wood Inlay Pendant.
My pedal bucksaw.

Dear Moco Loco,
This is Cristina Moreno, Marquetry & Jewelry designer for CMG Arte. I work in Barcelona, known worldwide for its sophistication in quality designs. The city & its artists are my main inspiration.
I follow your blog & do share your likings. That’s why I’ve decided to write to you & introduce you to my work.
CMG Arte specializes in designing, creating & producing exquisite hand-made exclusive pieces of Marquetry & contemporary Jewelry. I choose fine wood veneers & combine them according to its natural color. Sometimes I even use the best dying process to give a touch a color to my pieces & offer the best to my clients.
One of the keys of my success is my pedal bucksaw. It helps me to produce unique craftwork. No matter the size of the pieces or its style, it ensures that every piece is carefully done with love & dedication, touched by the warmth that industrial productions lack. I invite you to enjoy this traditional process in my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mwltXOwWGo
CMG Arte thus offers the mesmerizing magic that lingers in Barcelona: the Mediterranean soul of joy & elegance, the sound tenderness of wood & fine metals, and the art of intertwined tradition & contemporary style, inspired by Gaudi, Dalí, Miró & others fine creators.
Should you like to inquire more about my work & request a catalogue, do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks for your time & kind regards,
Cristina Moreno
CMG Arte