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Masquespacio art direction for Missana’s Oslo chair

Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio present their last art direction project for upholstery company Missana. The project consists in the design of the exhibition spaces and election of fabrics and textures for the Valencian brand’s new Oslo chair as a part of their new ‘The Novelties’ collection.

After the celebration of the crazy twenties with their The Twenties collection, this new proposal from Missana called The Novelties aims to present a new more vanguard and contemporary collection; Besides The Novelties only seeks to offer products 100% designed by emergent internal and external designers. Thereby the Oslo chair with it’s Mediterranean freshness and Nordic functionality is the first product designed by Studio Missana. In addition the Oslo chair is accompanied by the Valentino bench, that with its 5 cushions of different colors creates a funny contrast, adaptable to each individual taste.

Masquespacio in this besides in charge of the art direction from the exhibition spaces and selection of textures, commissioned the young emergent designers that will launch their contemporary design for Missana in the next months.

Oslo chair green Oslo chair purple Oslo chair green/yellow Oslo chair grey Oslo chair detail Valentino bench blue Valentino bench blue detail Valentino bench color

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