In Milan, Italy, has opened a new materials lab where architects, designers and clients are able to find the right material-solution for their projects and objects.
The location was totally renewed with the intentional choice to use only eco materials and green solution aiming at offering a unique and special place in Italy, nowhere else to be found.
The floor is made with olive and recycled plastic, the wall cover with osb and foam base on beams. T
he space is also curated by galleria Galica that shows contemporary arts that change every month.

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extra notes:
about the green wall “Parete Verde”.

The collaboration between Malama Composite Inc. and the arcHITects lab has resulted in the realization of the “Parete Verde” (cif. Green Wall), obtained by reinterpreting the foam AinaCore ® (Malama Composites). Through the randomization of the first 7 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence in order to obtain the non-contiguity of two equal elements the wall suggest a new dimension of an organic surface.

The result of this application is an surface that offers a split and diffraction of the sound wave, an sound absorption and at the same time a reduced time of reverberation and a good aesthetic and formal proposal.
Malama products are made using polyols derived from the soybean, castor and other cultivated plants nationwide in USA. The production process generates no pollution or toxic air emissions and the result is easily recyclable, that makes the best core of everything, also for our “eco-sound-surface” named “Parete Verde”.