Mato is a flash drive unminified and pleased to occupy space on your desktop and in your heart.

Mato is a flash drive that plays with the idea of being more that just a piece of electronics.
It is not simply a tool to carry out our everyday tasks. The drive thrives on its notable body and shape, and enjoys the space it occupies both physically and emotionally. It is an object that would like to stick to you and you in return would stick to it.

Minified and bony is plainly no fun. Curves and substance, something to hold on to – that is alluring. A flash drive that cherishes the fact of being, proud of the space it occupy.
The skin of Mato is a fabric designed by Danish expertise for a pleasant feel and color but also for constant touch and movement.

Mato’s durable yet stretchy non-woven upholstery fabric is resistant to 100.000 rubs and it dresses its body by flowing over the components in an almost organic manner.

The fabric catches light in a way that is reminiscent of anodized metal creating an appealing contrast between the organic shapes and the metallic reflections.