STUDIO OINK has created a small collection of unrecognisable objects, in cooperation with Aimee Bollu. The design process was based around the structure of the unknown; the two design studios have never met, interacting with each other only through social media. Found materials from each other’s cities were collected, traded and consumed by the other, with the outcomes nestling alongside each other in the completed collection. A series of challenges underpin the calm collection of objects. Working with another individual’s material of choice leads one to design for the other, whilst instilling his or her own aesthetic and approach to the object. There are familiar connections between each designer and their found objects, and new influences made for their counterpart. The parts made are used to ponder and question, to refer to the uncertainty in life. Materials assemble, stack and connect. Concoctions of wood, glass and porcelain perform alongside curious pieces of plastic, sponge or other found matter. The resulting collection identifies the aesthetic of both sides in their meticulous and neat approach to design and effortlessly explores connections between strangers, through their ability to connect with objects. Unaware of each other’s progress and designs, the final gathering of pieces alludes to a similar approach to thinking. The resulting transformations of materials alter and exist as new hybrids for collaboration; they are an assemblage of functionless products tied by their selection for unassuming or unknown beauty.