Memory Cloud Detroit by Minimaforms
Memory Cloud Detroit by Minimaforms
Memory Cloud Detroit by Minimaforms
Memory Cloud Detroit by Minimaforms
Memory Cloud Detroit by Minimaforms

Minimaforms’ Memory Cloud Detroit 2011

For three nights the sky above Woodward Avenue was filled with bellows of smoke and light as the artist studio Minimaforms transformed the Detroit Institute of Art into a transient light environment. The ephemeral clouds acted as smoke signals, each cloud carrying a unique message and story. Memory Cloud Detroit was a platform that offered the people of Detroit an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about the city. This interactive space animated the DIA Woodward Entrance with stories collected from the public. During the two weeks leading up to the event, messages consisting of memories, stories and personal aspirations for the city of Detroit were collected and archived on-line at www.voiceofdetroit.com. Each individual expression became a part of a continuous story about the city, a narrative written by participants over the duration of the project transforming the steps of the DIA into a dynamic space for communication. Audience members were also able to contribute messages via text-message during the performance each night. These collected text messages will be added to the Voice of Detroit archive, becoming part of an evolving diary and a voice that will speak of Detroit’s past, Detroit’s present and Detroit’s future. An archive of collected stories and documentation of three day performance will go live at www.voiceofdetroit.com in the coming weeks.

The performance was sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Arts, funded by the Dr. and Mrs. George Kamperman Fund and Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art, in cooperation with Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Kunsthalle Detroit.

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Sample messages submitted to Memory Cloud Detroit:

“They told me this city was dead. Instead, it brought me to life.”

“On October 14, 2006, for an hour, Adams Street and its slab of pavement, became the happiest place on Earth. And it was unforgettable.”

I thought I would move back to live among the dead memories of my childhood. Im more alive than Ive ever been.

“Rest in Peace Jessica~ Your body may have been left there, but your soul has risen above it~ Detroit was my home and I never feared it until now.”

“I was born in the D and I will die in the D, while enjoying every moment in between. Thank God for the D.”