The main character of this table is the gestual morphology, which resemble the topography at the lakes at north of Italy, the region of Lombardia. At the other side of the table is an abstraction of Milan, the world capital of design.

The table is built with assembled solid walnut, with a topographic design lowered by a CNC process. Later on painted by hand by a renowned visual artist. The base of the table is made by a metal crafted piece, assembled with a solid walnut cane. The base is designed to be disassembled.
Tre Laghi table is a delicate handcrafted piece, made in Mexico by some of the best Wood and metal workers.

To be presented at the Triennale di Milano 2016, at the Mexican Design Pavilion.


Side detail.

Contemporary and artistic design.

Gestual lines that resemble Milan, world capital of design.

The topographic design is filled with detailed hand made lines.

No blind spot here.

The table is built with american walnut,with a CNC and handcrafted proces.

Gestual lines define the design.