SaiHol with his knotty Ladies
Knotty lamp white
Knotty lamp red
Knotty lamp red in dark
Knotty lamp white in dark
Knotty lamp red close-up
Knotty lamp white close up
Knotty lamp white silhouette
experiment model
experiment model

Mesdemoiselles coquin is a knotty lamp inspired by love of bondage and lingerie from the creator. Interiors could be more interesting with a bit of excitement. He tries to remind people that an interior could be attractive and seductive. This lamp not only expresses sensuality but also a glamorous side.

“All interior has a feminine side. Spaces are sometimes left naked, what I think is not respectful. Treat it with a touch of sensuality to give the naked clothing.”
Fascinated by the beauty of Japanese bondage techniques, lamp components were created assembled by using rope.

The art of bondage is to connect body parts stiffly, so it will not move and give the audience a sensual yet dominant appearance.

My intention was to create an object assembled with this technique with tension. Layers of rope wrapping up the white leg components with the Corset Wrap Knot technique, it creates a sexy see-through illumination.