Barcelona cityscape, digitally drawn, laser-cut into paper. Smallest detail 0.4mm or the width of a needle.
The Metropolitan Cityscapes retail package with mat and gallery brochure.
A mass of buildings cut from 16 world cities from across America, Europe and Asia.
The names of each city are embossed onto the mat by hand. We believe in quality and fine detail.

Australian-German duo Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher capture the urban identity of 16 cities from across America, Europe and Asia through this ethereal collection of urban forms intricately cut from paper. Every city is as unique, and as beautiful, as we are: the city is us.

Metropolitan Cityscapes is an effort to extend the vision to create a cross cultural dialogue and share their passion and fascination for cities and the urban experience.

Today marks an exciting new chapter for artist-architects TrinhBuscher with the launch of their new website showcasing their latest work Metropolitan Cityscapes. We would like to invite you to be the first to preview Metropolitan Cityscapes at:


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