Miestand is a universal smartphone and tablet stand made from a single, solid piece of aluminium. Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair and developed by Rawstudio in the UK, it is lightweight, incredibly strong and looks beautiful. The essence of elegant simplicity.

We’re hugely inspired by the work of the old masters of design and how they have managed to create timeless classics. A mental exercise we use in the studio is to think how someone else would approach a design for a product and what would it end up looking like. It really helps when part of the job is to design commission pieces for specific individuals.

Would Le Corbusier have an iPhone or a Nokia if he was around? What kind of car would Walter Gropius be driving? Questions like this lead us to musing, “What would Ludwig Mies put his phone on at the office in Dessau?”. That’s what we thought when we decided to design our own stand…

Obviously, there were no little screen-y things back then so in honour of the old chap we started sketching up something that would look at home in the Barcelona Pavilion. After making many a prototype in bent metal, cast metal, cast plastic, laser-cut acrylic we worked out the most bauhaus production method would be to extrude the shape. Just 3 processes from molten metal to finished product : extrude, coat, cut.

Simple, elegant, efficient.


universal smartphone and tablet stand

works for every smartphone we've tested

bedside use

simple and elegant

works at two angles

portrait and landscape

take it anywhere

inspired by the work of an old master

ideal for travelling

and at home/work