Milk. Black. Lemon. – A Tea House Where Tea Inspires Everything

This concept store was launched recently by Kirin Gogo no Kocha, one of Japan’s leading black tea brands. In contrast to the world of coffee, where there seems to be a constant stream of new concepts, not much happens in the world of tea. This shop was designed as a place to start making black tea news.

In order to create a novel space completely different from the typical chic, subdued tea salon, the designer turned to tea as the inspiration for all aspects of the design. The colors used in the classic herringbone flooring represent black tea and tea with milk. The potted plants are tea trees, the chairs are upholstered in leather the color of tea with milk and tea with lemon, and the other furniture and finishes also feature a tea-inspired palette. The red color is taken directly from Kirin’s tea packaging, while the cushions are dyed with three types of black tea leaves. The “tea lights” in the seating area use Japan’s world-class food modelling technology to meticulously recreate the many variations on black tea served at the shop, including carbonated tea drinks, fruit tea drinks, layered teas, and of course tea brewed from various leaves. The tea house is literally illuminated by the many colors of black tea. The tea-server area features similar models of tea attached at even intervals to a glass wall. On the far side of the glass sit servers filled with multiple shades of black tea, including the three types of iced tea that are the basis for other drinks on the menu, and tea punch infused with fruit. This area functions as a showcase for presenting new styles of black tea.

Nothing in the shop-including the hanging chairs in shades of milk and milk-tea-resembles what one might find in a typical tea salon, but everything is inspired by tea. In addition to the interior design, the designer handled everything from staffing and food design concepts to selection of tableware and other items, going well beyond the typical role of designer. It all comes together to offer a relaxing new kind of black tea experience.

Project Credits

Architect/Shop ProducerRyusuke Nanki

Website : http://cargocollective.com/ryusukenanki

Project name : Milk. Black. Lemon.- Flagship shop of Gogo-No-Kocha

Client : Kirin Beverage Company,Limited

Total floor area : 142.54

Completion date : 2017/10/7

Location : Daikanyama,Tokyo.

Project team :

Architect/Shop ProducerRyusuke Nanki

Art direction:Moe Furuya , Hiromi Uzaki

StrategistCD : Yosuke Mamiya

Co-spatial design: Kae Yamashita

Construction managementYukio Marumori , Minoru Suzuki , Kazuro Hikota , Keisuke Ogata

Copy writing: Nadya Kirillova,Yuki Takahiko

Planner: Michiko Kato , Katsumi Tanaka

Graphic design + Illustration(Person): 6kai / Illustration(Food) : Ari Suzuki

Food design/Shop management : OISEAU

Cushion design : Katsutaka Shimazu

AE: Hiroto Fujinami, Taro Kitazawa , Motofumi Osumi, Hiroki Ochi

Photographer:Junpei Kato

Agency: DENTSU INC./Tokikitaru Inc /Study and Design/NOMURA Co.,Ltd.