Milonga is an agile and moveable piece of furniture that can be extended through movement, becoming almost infinitely wide, giving life to an object that is mutable in its appearance and function. The extension is possible through a concertina system thanks to a bellow, in printed satin, with metal corners, that is used as a container. Wheels on the front panel give the movement, allowing mobility and extension, while the back legs block the object. Inside the support base is again a panel despite the pleating; this is possible thanks to a technical solution with a hidden support panel. So, Milonga, which opens up like an accordion, changes its form, but also its colour, that changes with the reflections of light on the satin, when the pleating is more or less extended. It is between 41and 66cm in depth, and is available in various colours and in 2 patterns, but can be personalized on request. It is also produced in two heights and can therefore be used for various containing purposes and also as a display cabinet, thanks to the glass portholes and the internal led lighting.