studio segers merges ergonomics + sustainability in mine chair
the chair’s legs show a slight inclination
the four solid round legs are connected by a cross
front view
the chair was designed for the center of a creative corporate innovation and enterprise, located in c-mine in genk
detail of the back
the simple design in context

The Mine chair by belgium-based firm Studio Segers was designed specifically for the ‘center for creative business innovation and entrepreneurship’ located in C-mine in Genk. The collection interweaves ergonomics, construction, sustainability and design into a unique series, making the pieces also optimal for mass production. The ‘mine chair’ features four solid round legs with a joining cross to form the base of the chair, held together by classic pin connections to reduce waste. The legs show a slight inclination and the seats and back sides consist of identical shells of plywood that are cut by CNC machines. Due to this simple but efficient construction, costs can be kept at a minimum, while at the same time optimizing its manufacturing process. This approach symbolizes the foundation of the c-mine project: creating economical relevance with creative concepts. characterized by a logical and simple design, the considered composition and subtle curves create a balance and stable object. Comfort is ensured through the chair’s ergonomic measurements. Also available in the collection are stacking chairs and armchairs, stools, and matching modular tables in various sizes.