The Minimal Nativity Set is a contemporary version of the Nativity scene carefully handcrafted from beech wood or brass – created by London based designer Emilie Voirin.

The idea was to recreate the nativity scene with a minimum amount of features while still representing the story. Modelled on the classical religious set-up, the figurines take place around the crib. The characters have lost their features and colours for a contemporary appearance. The holy scene that has been broadly reproduced is here recognisable by the names only, giving freedom to people’s imagination.

It is up to you to interpret the set. It is a minimalist version of the biblical scene and it can lead to questions about the accuracy of commercial representations. Each culture appropriates the features of the figures and I find the variations quite fascinating. This version is somewhat a compromise.


Minimal Nativity Set to put under your Christmas tree

In your shelf

On your desk

Limited edition made from embossed brass