Generally description (mio. collection on the subject of “identification – three things for basic needs”):

„Do we really need more design?“ This is one of the most critical issues
in the field of design. My personal drive is caused by to the lack of
things with the potential for identification. To achieve this points of
contact, friction and design exceeding the rational are needed.
Identification is a key criterion within sustainability. It‘s not about
making objects which many people only like a bit and are thrown away
indifferently after a few years, but things with attitude and an emotional
appeal. These things polarize. Some do not like them, but others
love them for a lifetime.

Description (mio. sidetable):

mio. sidetable is a reduced sidetable which causes senstation
by a red tip at its most strained point. In spite of its subtle
appearance it decides to a great extent about the character and
charisma of this sidetable, about love or hate. The „mio. sidetable“
can easily be collapsed flat.
material: steel

Description (mio. light):

mio. light is a lamp with emotional appeal. It creates an unusual
and much more direct relationship between human and light. It is
more light than lamp and sits like a small and lovely being beside you.
It shines to oneself, it illuminates, it lets you look into its eyes.
material: plastic (epoxy-resin), LED-Panel

Description (mio. glass)

mio. glass is a water glass greatly influencing the drinking attitude
by its shape leading to a more original and cherished movement
which can also lead to an increased appreciation of the glass itself.
material: glass

Every Object exists as a prototype. All photos are real, there aren’t any renderings.
The project hasn’t been published before on any blog, website or magazine.