Mirobolante - Museum Contempory Of Art of Sydney
Mirobolante Opera House of Sydney
Mirobolante  View Inside
Mirobolante MCA BillyBlue Launch
Mirobolante with Designer Vincent Buret
Mirobolante Under the rain
Mirobolante on Balcony
Mirobolante getting Instagramed
Mirobolante Instagramed

Mirobolante – A light experience.

Mirobolante is a light piece conceived by Vincent Buret.

This light piece is commissioned by Billy Blue Design School for Vivid (Light Festival) on the Rooftop of the MCA – Museum Contemporary of Art of Australia.

Radiant Plexiglass is an acrylic sheet that has a strong mirror-like surface quality, it is translucent and glows in every colors of the spectrum.

As viewers look at this creation from various angles they see a wide range of different colors. The effect is further enhanced if the object is back lit.

Mirobolante is a Dodecahedron (12 pentagons) that can be used as a pendant, floor and table luminaire or stacked to build freestanding or hanging sculptures, walls and ceilings. Variable in sizes, Mirobolante functions in a variety of settings from public buildings to private homes.
Dimension: 1 meter diameter. Custom made to any size and any Platonic Solids.