MissUnderstood tables

Tcherassi Vilató, a Barcelona based design studio founded by Jacob Vilató and Angélica Tcherassi, has been exploring their love for the interior design. Their artistic ways, background and passion have led them to create products rich with a youthful flavor though very grounded to taste and values.

Their aesthetic is an explosive mixture of our architectural functional ways and our cultural extracting power. A connection of functionality, comfort and what we believe to be next.

“Being architects ourselves invites us to explore and play with objects in a wide variety of interior and exterior spaces. We like to experiment with materials, their nature, and the combination of cold and hot to create objects appealing to the eye and that create emotion.”

The Miss Understood tables reflect Tcherassi Vilató’s spirit: young, playful, functional and different. It is one of our personal favorites. The inspiration twist from the rockabillies tables from the fifties grants this table a certain style unable to be forgotten. An eyecatcher wherever it goes.