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Since 1995 Siller Christian is experimenting with glass as a building material for stairs and did his first structural glass stair long before they became so pupular due to the media attention for the APPLE all glass stairs arround the world. Latest since then the architectural glass counts as the most luxury and prestigious material to use for stairs in residential and for commercial projects.

Siller stairs has optimized connections, structure and glass quality over the last years with the result to be able to supply extraordinary glass stairs, custom made for the requirements of each indivudual or building.

By using structural glass for stairs you can create mind blowing floating looks and unreal designs. The transperancy of staircase where glass has been used gives people an amazing feeling by walking or even just looking at such a staircase design.

The MISTRAL innovation design is a standard structural glass stairs where you can use treads in wood or glass. Which material is better depends on the situation and the idea of the builder for each building site and project.

See for yourself what you can do with glass and visit as an example the Siller stairs web site where the MISTRAL design is only one stair design amongst others where glass is the main material used to build amazing stairs.