The surface of the table is adorned with 'fingers' or 'bacteria' which are cold and hard to the touch.
Compositionally the table plays with a symmetry between two diners.

An exploration of the unspoken gestures and social performances that we act out at the dining table. Ambiguous, bacteria like forms are manifesting on its surfaces, creating a curious, and eerie experience when interacting with it.

Here the table is seen as a ‘stage’ for the many social interactions that we have with our friends, family and guests. By sitting with another and eating from the same table as them, we imply that we are on the same social level, and may have similar eating habits and unspoken rules at the dinner table. However with the Mitosis table, one sitter will find themselves having to balance their food upon a multitude of ‘fingers’ appearing to sprout from the surface, whilst the other sitter will be appearing to eat without disturbance. Yet the second sitter may have their hands under the table, an action generally disapproved of. Beneath the surface of the table is a similar surface, that may be gently resting on their thighs, or they may be gently massaging the forms.
By creating this interaction between the two diners I want to play with the ideas of sensuality, social hierarchy, and the simultaneous anarchy and organisation that occurs in the aesthetics of micro biology.