The surface of the table is covered in porcelain pieces, making people want to stoke and touch them. When the pieces are manipulated they create a sound like that of shells bashing together.
The table legs are slightly tapered to create an fragile form.
The two tables when together form an animal-like form, with spindly legs holding them up.
The porcelain cells are stitched to the ash table top, they stand on end but are tactile to touch.
The smaller table. When sliding it beneath the larger one the hands are forced to hold the ceramic 'cells' in a sensual way.

Mitosis is the process by which living cells divide. The cell nucleus is split and two new, identical cells containing the same genome as the original cell are formed. Each cell division produces that number of cells to the power of two. In this way the population of cells multiplies indefinitely, colonising the surfaces of the two side tables.

In stark contrast to our copy, paste and share culture of today, these tables took time to make. When interacting with their tactile surfaces, the tables invoke sensuality, fragility and possibly even suffocation in our overly saturated society.

The tables are made from ash, and each ‘cell’ is individually cast in porcelain.

These pieces are being exhibited at Designers Saturday in Lammhult, Sweden the 27-28th April 2013 and at ICFF in New York between the 18-21st May 2013.