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MM / M1 / M2 / M3

A project revolving around Reflection / Self-reflection It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to you. Click Boom Pow’s latest, MM, is half public art project / half design collaboration that invites people to peer into their own reflection as someone else.

The designers, David Kim and Mike Seto, are very interested in mirrors; especially with the scientific and emotional significance they hold. A mirror’s reflective surface, transposed images from light-waves, has often been used as a metaphor for transformation, vanity, fortunetelling, witchcraft, and entrances into other worlds.

Since most people interact with mirrors during moments alone, Click Boom Pow wanted to take this personal object outdoors where it could be utilized in a different fashion. Often through the course of our day, we don’t realize what we’re projecting to others, so reflection or self-reflection becomes a necessary part of those interactions. Whether on the commute home after a long day’s work, or on a leisurely stroll through the City, we are always peering outwards while everyone else sees something else entirely.

This seems particularly relevant today in America and across the World, as governments grow and people feel more and more marginalized. We end up forgetting about what really matters, and that our power lies in changing and controlling our individual actions.

Click Boom Pow introduces three iterations of mirrors: M1 are 12” x 12” mirrored “mug shots.” By replacing a portion of the reflective surface with someone else’s image, you see an empathetic image of you as someone else; in other words, you’re stepping into the shoes of another. For this first series in New York, a selection of ideas and people who have, for better or worse, a popular Cultural impact: entertainers, politicians, and topical events such as Lil B, Lady Gaga, President Obama, the NDAA, Kim Jong-Un…

M2 are re-appropriated and re-imagined tiled mirror sets; the one shown here is a play on a piece by Barbara Kruger.

M3 are mirrored stickers that conform to the surface they are placed on – providing a carnival-like distorted image. Thought provoking and humorous quotes by are placed above the viewer’s reflection.

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