MOBOTO Main Render with iPhones -
MOBOTO Render without iPhones
MOBOTO Render scenarios
MOBOTO Photo with Headphones
MOBOTO Photo with Red Eye
MOBOTANICAL - MOBOTO with Flower Pot Base and App
MOBOTO Photo with Facetime


MOBOTO is a mashup of smartphone, urban art toys, and mobile apps all come together to bring to life innovative characters and digital companions when the mobile device is docked.
More than just a charger or a decorative toy, MOBOTO was designed from the ground up to be modular and customizable both physically and digitally. We will continue building new and unique ways for MOBOTO to become the ultimate personalized digital interactive companion. We also envision a user and developer community to be able to add, interchange, build [3D printing], customize and personalize MOBOTO, enabling it to become their perfect custom sidekick. Future plans also include some partnerships and licensing which will allow for other great brands and characters to come to life.