stacked full length
top connector/pleat detail
closed full length

I have produced 100’s of drapery projects and the majority of my customers want to do this treatment! White opaque sheer with a heavy duty aluminum track. Most , but not all, of my clients have modern, contemporary taste in décor. The crispness of the white sheer and the simplicity of the track is the most versatile treatment of any I’ve ever done. The great thing about track systems is there is no obstruction to the movement of the drape. You can have large expansions of windows and be able to completely open and close without having to put on the brakes when you reach a support bracket. Rather than doing the standard pinch pleat, this inverted pleat is a more clean, modern approach. Normally, a drapery pin would be used to attach drapery to the track. I have devised a way to connect the drape with nickel flat cap connectors that go through a small grommet inserted into the header of the drape. There is a back screw which is inserted through the track carrier to the front cap. The hardware is nickel plated, is sturdy and keeps the pleats straight. Another detail of the sheer drape is the invisible buckram used in the top hem. This allows the sheer to appear the same color as fabric used. The sheer fabric does come in various colors which are subtle and opaque. The track comes in 2 colors, white and pewter. Connectors only come in nickel.