LAVA has re-imagined a youth hostel near Munich, Germany. Youth hostels will never be the same!

Gone are the daggy dormitory rooms and impersonal spaces of your typical hostel.

It has individualised rooms, bold colours, local materials and craftsmanship, and multipurpose zones. The sustainable makeover includes a low energy facade, floor heating, and the installation of a bimass pellet heating system.

And there’s built?in furniture and integrated storage.LAVA’s reinterpretation of an existing youth hostel has resulted in a new type of space.

The design is all about the individuality of spaces – LAVA achieved this by the clever reorganisation of the existing volume resulting in different types of bedrooms and the use of local materials and craftsmanship.

LAVA has set new precedents with:
1. Multi-purpose areas, previously unknown in this type of accommodation
2. Authentic spatial features based on the location and the transformation of an historic building
3. Built-in furniture and integrated storage avoids the barracks-style appearance of the typical youth hostel.
4. The space is organised into visually coherent zones, with just a few key