The shop-front is completely open to the street, transforming the whole store in a display.
The longitudinal axis of the space dictates the floor plan.
Two big central tables bring together the flow of the room.
A big stool closes the main axis.
The counter area is placed at the far end of the store.
A great wall mirror gives depth to the space.
The pendant lamps are made of red ceramic and cement.
The lamps, custom made for the store, are inspired by Galician traditional pottery.
The central tables are composed of wood planks on trestles.
Display shelves.

When Fran, Tino and Ángeles decided to open a new store in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (their third Moksín store and the first they opened outside A Estrada, a small town in Galicia) they had a very clear vision of what they wanted – a versatile and mutable space that allowed them to not only showcase their quality products, but to host a range of activities beyond those typical of a shoe store. An environment suited for an elegant and contemporary, yet casual audience.
The idea of a ‘occupied space’, a ‘pop-up store’, was the core concept behind our intervention. With this in mind, we opted for an open-plan layout to create the sensation of being in an unfinished basement. The dark colour palette reinforces the tunnel effect of the space, while the furniture and the lighting bring together the desired atmosphere. In keeping with the ‘tunnel effect’, we placed all the furniture along the longitudinal axis of the store, with shelving units lining the walls so that their height doesn’t interfere with the openness of the store, and two big trestle tables in the centre, carrying most of the visual weight. Also along the central axis, several cast-concrete lamps overhanging the trestle tables add up to the balance between warmth and raw materials that dominates the design.