MOKU - Urushi Wooden Sunglasses
MOKU - Urushi Wooden Sunglasses  - Inspired by a Rolly Polly
Inspired by Nature
The cycle logo is completed when all the pieces comes together
Natural Urushi Wooden Sunglasses
Black Urushi Wooden Sunglasses
From the tranquil hillsides of Kyoto, Japan

Wooden Frame Sunglasses made with Urushi


Urushi wooden sunglasses – designed by Sheyen Ikeda of Cycle Company in Kyoto, Japan. The sunglasses comes in 2 types. Natural Urushi and Black Urushi.

The use of Urushi in Japan has been told to have started all the way back form the Jomon Period (14,000 B.C. to 300 B.C.). It has been used in pottery, as an adhesive, and also for many different types of accessories. Urushi is a natural material obtained from the urushi tree. When the trunk of tree is cut, it produces a resin to try to repair the wound. This resin is Urushi. A single tree can only produce a few grams of resin each time it is taped. Because it is so hard to obtain, urushi is considered a very valuable material.

The case is designed by combining two existing entities. First, a Kakejiku ?????, a hanging scroll, and second, a rolly polly. When a rolly polly senses danger, it crawls up into a ball protecting itself from the outer world through its hard shell. The case uses the same idea – the case raps around the glasses, protecting the frames from damage.

We live in a world where new innovations and old knowledge dwell side by side. These sunglasses are a dialogue between the old and the new. Incorporating modern technology in the manufacturing, and preserving the aesthetic of our tradition by polishing the wooden frames with Urushi. We teamed up with a wood manufacturer in Tokyo, lens manufacturer in Sabae (Fukui Prefecture), and built each one with love and care in Kyoto.

we started a indiegogo fund raising campaign – http://www.indiegogo.com/moku/x/2013683. If this project is something of your interest maybe you guys can share it with your community. I have always been a huge fan of your blog, and I choose to contact you all first before any other design blogs. Please let me know your thoughts.

Warm Regards,
Sheyen Ikeda
Cycle CO. Founder