Molecules consist out of atoms that are linked by means of a chemical compound to each other. Molecule is available in three variants (two, three or four atoms.) The vases are modular and because of that infinitely expandable in their form.

The unique shape of these vases are created by filling balloons with water , and to tie them up. Next, the balloons are provided with a wax coating in order to prevent hard corners in the mold. After unloading the mould from the baloon, the procelain can be casted. These are 2, 3 or 4 vases(atoms) which are connected by a solid epoxy adhesive to each other. The inside is transparent glaze and the exterior is matte.

Pascal Smelik (1983, Oegstgeest, NL) is an artist and entrepreneur. He stimulates with his fresh ideas and intriguing designs and produce timeless design objects. He primarily explores and seeks new materials, which he forms to designs that are recognizable and useful in our daily lives. Through his working method, he focuses on the ‘ unknown factor ‘ and because of that, every each piece is unique.

His works were nominated immediately after he graduated in 2009 at the School of the Arts , for the ” Piet Bakker Award ‘ and the ‘ Talent 2009 Design Awards . Simultaneously came the founding of Studio Pascal Smelik in Amsterdam, where production takes place of his own collection of applied art and product designs and where he design and produce under commission.

Title: Molecule
Material: Casted Porcelain


Molecule 1

Molecule 2

Molecule 3