monarchy collection
"entre papeles" set
king harold
queen margaret
little eva
lady emma
st. charles
st. charles & little eva
monarchy collection
"entre papeles" set

monarchy consists of basic and timeless furniture designed for the first home. Anonymous objects, conceived without the intention of standing out in the spaces they are located, thus strengthening its perdurability. Wood, textile and metal come together in harmony to create pieces that, together, always connote beauty.
The standardization of parts is one of the main objectives of the project as it is the utilization of the smaller possible number of them, thus facilitating the idea of ‘pack’.
Following the idea of packaged solutions, håus offers a series of flat packs designed for the immediate solution of the equipment of the different scenarios in a first home. Thinking about the product-user interaction packs meet the basic needs in the development of common and individual activities. We present the pack “entre papeles”, composed by king harold, queen margaret and little eva.