A Piet Mondrian painting is priced between the $30 Million and $40 Million. The most daring and bold abstract expression is found in the Mondrian’s works, vertical lines as a masculine principle, horizontal as feminine, basic colors, harmonic patterns as root 2, 3, 4 and 5 and even the golden ratio lies in the compositions. It served for the modern world with every design and artistic problem, as an A D N code, it could synthesize million of species and a great variety of living things.

Our company started working with an idea, a morphing and adaptable object in the middle of the living room. As the research and development team advanced with the challenge, multiple solutions emerged. It comes the time as we gaze at the possibility to give a valuable and a precious work of art and sculpture to every home, from the teachings of a great mind as Mondrian’s, his legacy could be placed as a design and art altar, beyond the million dollars worth of value emerge a unique and priceless experience.

The first prototype evolves through a variety of alternatives, two units that could merge into one. As the people walk around his views won’t be the same, it reveals a new and different composition, is like the user are getting a dozen objects instead of one plus the greater value of a piece of art as homage for the greatest mind of the XX century.

Is our first step as a new company who envisions transcending meanings, upgrading usability and function and build a paradise through unique experiences.


Mondrian Homage table