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Want to have youre own money factory at home?

Sideboard cabinet mounted on wall called Moneymaker

Recycling project where I used lots of leftowers ,rusted steel pipe and a steel plate from cnc cutting
-it has 4 drawers with soft touch closeure ,hidden runner system fo drawers
-in frame behind the steel plate is a mirror
-the pipe is used for throwing in the lose change witch falls in one of the drawer.
-the pipe can be turn around in a circle
Wood I used is oak,ash,plywood birch .
On top is marble carrara.
And on the bottom are little piramids ,cuttofs from cutting the doors of drawers and sides.

My idea of this project is to use all the materials wich would be thrown away to make something new,strange, functional,an accent piece for indoors.
I found my inspiration in the worlds situation ,with financial crisis.We forgat to save money,and people buy everything on credit and loan .
With this cabinet u could save some extra cash ,have fun and enjoy his strange looks ,get ispired.