“Imagine yourself situated in a space with no room for your physical human body; a space where you can only enter in the shape of a transformed abstraction and a presence determined by questioning the relation between space and the observer. Try to expand the image of yourself to this vague unit, and let your imagination vanish hidden boundaries between the experience of human body, dimensions of space and the language you use to mirror yourself.”

K-O-N-T-O Studio encompasses their current work with the tableau of MONTAGE #3, the latest fruit of their laboratory. K-O-N-T-O works at the border of art and design, where the MONTAGE series facilitates artistic investigations and new spaces for developing designs.

MONTAGE #3 is a brief study of how an abstract composition impact the perception of a non narrative space. The intention is to shift the perception of a singular object into considering the relation between components.

The work of Georges Braque represents a historical artistic frame for MONTAGE Series, in the movement from the art of still life painting, to synthetic cubism and further to early collage. Still life painting is an opportunity to study objects, light and spaces. Similarly, this privileged is available with the practice of montage as an act of putting spatial pieces together in a framed composition.

The certitude of the MONTAGE series continuum is the returning question: ’What happens when you shift the assets of materials?’